Virtual Event Production

Events during a pandemic.

We have invested in our camera systems and studio lighting to assemble recording and broadcasting systems. From socially-distanced choirs to award ceremonies and conferences, we strive to elevate our clients' productions to professional, engaging virtual events.


Audio System Design

The right people and equipment for the show, the space, and your budget.

Audio can be difficult to effectively discuss, and knowing how to put into words what we hear is  the key. Our company was founded by people with degrees in audio engineering, and we recruit audio professionals who can speak in accurate, numerical terms about sound. Then, we add quality equipment to the mix.


On Stage

Tools to keep your talent working



Amplification & Loudspeakers

Our inventory includes D&B Audiotechnik, Martin Audio, Lab.Gruppen, and EAW. If we don't have the ideal equipment for your event, our network of industry partners allows us to source the right equipment.


Theatrical Lighting

Focusing your audience's attention on your talent

Theatrical lighting can make all the difference for an event. Effective theatrical lighting ensures that every element is seen clearly — for the live audience and, when relevant, video cameras.

From a simple stage wash, to adding a touch of color, through a full moving light package, we can scale a design to fit your needs.

Accent the Space

Small accents bring a room to life

A touch of color on an architectural or set element attracts the eye as soon as one walks into a room. In this example, lighting a church altar wall with blue  gave the audience a focal point when they walked in to find their seats. It also helped balance the lighting on the choir during the performance, and allowed the architecture to be a backdrop to the performance instead of getting lost in shadows created by the performers.


Transforming open space into your space

Rectangles can be decorated

Your audience needs to see your image in the room - and sometimes that means hiding what's there. A few simple white set elements lit with color, a custom branded gobo projected above the stage, and patterns on the walls make this simple ballroom look like it was custom-built for the event. Yet all of this is done with lighting hung from one truss.


Video Done Live


Video Switching

The tools behind the curtain

We rely on the combination of a professional, experienced production staff and state-of-the-art video production equipment to deliver high quality video results. Our multi-camera approach means that every moment is captured.

We can record our switched video, iso-record multiple cameras, or project live video using LED flat-panel displays, modular LED walls, and projectors. Graphics and video playback can be mixed in, too!



  • Versalite stage systems
  • Railings & stairs
  • Theatrical drape
  • Truss



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Web Broadcasting


Sound reinforcement and recording


Theatrical and event lighting


Live switch to record & IMAG


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