System Design

The right equipment for the show, the space, and your budget.

We have a wide range of clientele - high schools, concert promoters, corporate producers, and more. We can provide the audio system that will cover the room and fit your budget.

We carry lighting control systems and fixtures and interface with theatrical house systems to focus the attention of the audience where it belongs: your show.

Up-to-date Technology

Wireless controls and smaller equipment make us efficient.

Tablets - the device that, just a few years ago, we never thought we could need. Yet they have revolutionized the way we set up events. Apps that let us remotely control our equipment allow us to walk through a venue and tune speakers, or focus lights without needing an extra person to sit at the control table.


Video Done Live

Every Moment, Every Memory

In today's fast-paced world, content delivery speed is everything. We've invested in the technology to turn live-switch camera content into a downloadable file in minutes, or, when customers prefer phyiscal media, DVDs in under an hour.


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